Check out what just a few clients have said                            about their experience at B Young B Fit!

“I really enjoyed my fitness assessment appointment. Tiffany has a great attitude, and seems willing to meet my needs. I already am feeling more motivated, started running again and eating healthier. I am looking forward to my next appointments.” –Trina Manty

“I am new to weight training but am impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of my trainer Jeff. He is always ready to answer questions and share information about exercise and nutrition for getting in shape. He has been helping me to effectively use all the equipment in the gym and focuses on my developing good form when working out. I have seen positive results and feel more confident since I started working with a B Young B Fit trainer.” -Remone Mundle


“I love working with my trainer, he pushes me when I think I can't do something, sets new challenges for me, and tailors the work outs based off my needs and abilities. I have reached new levels of fitness that I never thought I could, I've accomplished so much more than I ever would have on my own. I highly recommend personal training to anyone who has ever struggled with weight loss and the motivation to get going. I promise you won’t be disappointed that you did.” -Rebecca Stanisky

“I started working with my trainer for a couple of weeks and now I find myself being motivated enough to work out even on my days off. If I could I would do it until I graduated.” –Carra Wilson

“I was very happy with what I got out of my personal training. I am came mainly to learn and get a little bit more motivated so I can keep up my weight loss goals. Very happy, and can't wait for the next session!” –Erin Kirkpatrick

“I have been working with a trainer for around a week. Not only has he made it fun but also challenging. I have been a gym rat and played sports all my life and this is the best experience I have had.” –Chris Haskin

“I am a 51 year old, husband and father of 4. Between family, career, coaching youth sports and life in general I at some point simply forgot to take care of myself. I was at a loss for how to fix what I had allowed to happen to myself. As a coach I know several trainers; once I saw a post that John Penley made I realized why people need personal trainers. We don't have the time or knowledge a personal trainer may possess.

Here are my progression STATS:


50 yrs old / 71'' / 329.8 lbs / 55% body fat / Morbidly obese. Not only was I pre-diabetic with high blood pressure 146/98 and high cholesterol. My meds were no longer working properly. 5 minutes on recumbent bike and 5 minutes elliptical was all I could handle before the pain was too much and I did 8 pushups.


51 yrs old / 71'' / 287 lbs / 43% body fat / Obese II. Blood sugar improved from 111 to 99, My Dr. told me my blood pressure is a perfect 122/62 and my cholesterol was down 50%. I am no longer taking medicine for high cholesterol. I ride the bike for 45 minutes at 18 mph and the elliptical for 15 minutes. I did 23 pushups.

John is prompt, always prepared and always available to answer our questions.Choosing John became easy knowing that Joh not only has the education and certifications necessary but also possesses the life experience from as an athlete necessary to be great at his career choice. At all times he has our best interest in mind as it pertains to but not limited to health, nutrition, and physical fitness. Although I typically do not recommend medical or legal professionals; I have complete faith and trust in Johns abilities and completely recommend him.” -Jim Huff

"Olfat Barayan began with Brian in November 2013, with a weight of 117 pounds, a body fat% of 29.9%, and a BMI of 19.8.  As of May 2014, she is now at 119.8 pounds, 23.3% body fat, and a BMI of 21.0!  Perfect example of how fitness is less about weight loss than it is about fat loss and muscle gain!"

“Isaac Jr. has developed a personal relationship with Brian to the point where he is motivated to do work on his own. His strength has improved noticeably and he also has learned how to use his ‘new found’ strength to improve his performance on the court & field! I am extremely happy that we have worked with Brian and look forward to seeing how much better Isaac can get in the future.” –Isaac Sr.

“I am very happy with the personal training sessions I have had. I just came back after using the personal training for about a year. Even in the time I left I have learned valuable lessons about working out and eating that I can take with me for life.” -Kendrah Hardin

“I am extremely happy with the personal training sessions and look forward to my workouts. My trainer is professional and motivating, which helps me stay focused on my goals. The sessions are tailored to my individual goals and modified to fit my abilities. The personable approach taken has helped ease any initial nervousness I had about working with a trainer.” -Heidi Simmons

“I became acquainted with Brian through EMU. I needed to develop a regular exercise program for a 79 year old retired professor with stenosis of the back. B Young B Fit helped me with a workout that I could follow each day that I went to the IM building at EMU. Brian is a terrific teacher and encourages you to do your best.” -Duane Laws

“I considered myself a decent athlete in high school and have consistently worked out for the last fifteen years. When I began training with Brian over three years ago, my entire body shape changed. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my lifeand I owe that to Brian's direction. I enjoy working out and now realize that I need it as much as food and water. If you want motivation, accountability and results then I strongly suggest you give B Young B Fit a try!!” -Liz Studley

“I am very please with my personal training experience with B Young B Fit. Mr. Young's professionalism and knowledge of personal fitness is thorough and his development of my personal fitness plan has me feeling better and stronger even though I have just begun on my fitness journey. If you are really interested in getting into shape, I highly recommend B Young B Fit.” -Harvey Beavers

“In the past year, I have been training at BYBF with Brian 3 times a week. I have trained with other trainers and only with Brian have I seen these results! Over the past 12 months, I have lost 40 lbs. 6 inches off my waist and decreased my body fat by 6.5%!!! I have regained my confidence and I am extremely happy with my results!” –Irene Yam

“When I first made up my mind to work with a personal trainer, I was extremely excited! I had reached that "enough is enough" point. It was well past time for a change and I needed help facilitating that transformation. While I looked forward to beginning the process, the task before me seemed daunting and I was apprehensive. Was this lifestyle change going to be insurmountable? What if it doesn't work? Am I going to be too embarrassed to work out in front of this super-fit muscular trainer? Any preconceived notions, fears, and uncertainties I'd had regarding working with a personal trainer were immediately put to rest when I met Brian Young of BYBF. From our first meeting, I could tell Brian was a highly trained and capable personal trainer with the knowledge; motivational words and coaching skills that I would need to embark on this journey. After discussing my goals and wellness aspirations, and previous fitness/sports experiences, he developed a plan of attack and so it began! Brian prepared different exercises, both using machines and my own body weight and countless variations of cardio intervals for each session. Brian has this enormous ability to make even the most difficult exercises do-able. My journey has not been an easy one. There have been frustrating times, a fair amount of whining, a tremendous amount of sweat, muscle aches and even a few tears. All the while though, Brian would spur me on saying, ‘leave your pride at the door, we work ugly in here, you can do this!’ ‘Remember what you've accomplished thus far; remember where you were when you came to me!’ ‘If you come in here and give 100%, I'll give you the same, we work together, you are not alone in this process!’ It is with great pride I can share that almost a year later and 80 lbs. lighter and 10% body fat. I am an empowered individual! Brian's adept instruction, unwavering confidence in my success and enthusiasm to help me accomplish my goals has truly changed my life. He has held me accountable, not to him, but to myself. As I continue to work towards my goals I am confident that with Brian's support, I will meet those goals and may even surpass them. There are really no words, no lengthy testimonial nor advertisements that can convey my gratitude for the experience I've had working with Brian at B Young - B Fit. B Young - B Fit will welcome anyone considering a lifestyle change to come as you are, but you should definitely be prepared to become the person you want to be." –Megan

I needed a trainer that was willing to push me! I first started working out at B Young - B Fit back in the fall of 2007. I was reluctant at first to sign up for any long-term commitment, so I decided to purchase 10 sessions.  Over the last 2+ years I have been training with Brian regularly 2-4 days per week, totaling well over 200 sessions. Being a former college basketball player, I needed a trainer that was willing to push me to the limit, motivate me and keep my workouts interesting. Personally I get very bored with workouts and Brian does a great job constantly changing my routine, as he is not a one-dimensional trainer. He has an innate ability to assess a person's fitness level and design a routine based on their background and goals. If I had worked out with Brian during my time as a college athlete, I have no doubt that I would have been quicker, more agile and less injury-prone. His personality is perfectly suited for driving his clients to achieve their fitness objectives. During my time as a B Young - B Fit client, Brian's proactive attitude has driven me to get the most out of each and every session. The cutting edge techniques that Brian uses blend his own experiences as an athlete along with his vast knowledge and expertise to provide his clients with a truly unique experience in which a whole new level of fitness goals are attainable. The most important lesson that I've learned from Brian is that my busy lifestyle can't get in the way of being healthy and fit. He's introduced me to many different alternative ways to exercise and things that I can do anywhere and anytime!” –Linda

“Brian's totally professional and supportive! Seeing Brian about my terrible lower back pain was the best decision I ever made for my physical well being. I signed up for 10 sessions, and well before the last session I noticed a tremendous difference in the way I felt.  Brian knows how to make the workout interesting and challenging without making it a daunting experience.  He's totally professional and supportive, and very encouraging. You have to do your homework and practice what he tells you to do on your own time, but I'm telling you it's absolutely worth it. I'm still pain free, and it's thanks to Brian.” –Rob

“For over two decades I have struggled with my weight.  With several failed attempts of dieting and exercising, I felt my body had failed me.  I would diet and lose the unwanted fat only to gain the weight I lost and more.  I would exercise and push my body to burn more calories to end up seriously injuring myself.  I felt it was inevitable that I was going to continue to gain weight surpassing 500 lbs. (at that time I was 495 lbs.) and die at a young age. When I decided I was going to change my relationship with food and with my body, I started with the knowledge gained throughout the years with all my previous dieting and exercise plans.  I was succeeding in small increments, but not getting the results I wanted.  Frankly, I was overwhelmed with the challenge.  I needed to partner with someone to take it to the next step. I interviewed several Personal Trainers.  Of all the trainers I interviewed, Brian Young showed interest in my story, thoughtful planning of our journey together, and provided hope that I can achieve my dreams in physical fitness. Brian Young’s style of training through positive reinforcement and encouraging words has started to replace my internal negative voices. I am beginning a new positive relationship with my body and pushing through mental messages of “I can’t” when my body actually can. Brian has taught me how I was abusing my body rather than nurturing and caring for it. He has taught me how to care for my body through effective stretching and warming up before exercising to prevent injury. He helped me discover different ways to measure progress through body fat percentage, body measurements, and endurance instead of focusing on the scale. We talk about why diets don’t work and how nutrition fuels my body, what exercises maximize the use of my time, and even what motivates me to continue to reach for my goal. I have discovered at my previous weight of 495 lbs there were muscles I literally didn’t use. There were movements I didn’t know how to do. Through Brian Young’s abundant knowledge, constant attention to detail with form, and incredible patience while I figure it out, he has helped me learn how to use muscles properly and focus on certain individual muscles. As of this testimony, I currently weigh 280 lbs.  Since working with Brian Young, I have far exceeded my goal of losing 200 lbs and reduced my body fat percentage by 8.5%.  I am looking forward to a dream of hiking and camping in national parks, playing soccer with my nephews, and being under the 200 lbs weight limit to ride in a hot air balloon. The sky is the limit for my future. Brian has been more than a personal trainer, but a friend on a journey of putting my life back together-physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have such deep gratitude for Brian in my life. He has been a true friend of encouragement on my journey, for I have learned more than just how to exercise but have learned about my true potential.” –Dan Burns