Are you an athlete? Do you currently compete in a sport (or multiple sports) and you want to be faster, stronger and just overall better in your sport(s)?


o Do you have a son or daughter that is a young athlete and has the potential to take their game to the next level?


o Let our team of fitness experts bring out your full potential or your son or daughters talents with the B Young – B Fit Sport Performance Training program…

o Our team of certified strenght and conditioning specialists and sport performance coaches consists of both male and female former/current collegiate and professional athletes in the following sports: basketball, football, track & field, wrestling, body-building and even mixed martial arts. We not only know the techniques and mechanics of these sports but we are or once were in your shoes.

o We have experience training both male and female athletes of all ages in sports such as basketball, football, track & field, tennis, baseball and even equestrian. Our clients have gone on to compete at all levels of their sports from high school athletics to the highest professional levels and even Olympic level! 

o We will assess the athletes strengths/weaknesses including muscle imbalances, technique and more in order to design a specific program that is targeted at making them the best athlete they can be!

o Based on our detailed assessment we will give you our “training prescription” including recommendations on the frequency of training sessions, specific training program and areas of improvement to give you an overall game plan for your journey to success!

o For young athletes between the ages of 14-18, options will be available for all athletes to participate in our group “training camps” that will be offered 5 days/week at both Level 1 (beginner athlete) and Level 2 (advanced college-prep athlete). These camps will be focused on specific areas of athletics such as: agility, plyometrics, speed, strength, core strengthening and stretching/flexibility. Camps will be held only between June-August - contact us for more details such as days/times etc.

Contact us today to find out more about our special Sport Performance training program!