At B Young – B Fit we want to provide you with every tool in order for you to be the Healthiest and most fit person you can be.

Have you been working out as hard as you can, but still not seeing the results that you want? If so...then Nutritional counseling may be the missing link in your fitness journey!

As you may or may not know, proper nutrition and a healthy diet can enhance or hinder what you are doing in the gym.

To help you along this difficult journey we offer Nutritional Counseling services to help you learn how to Maximize your Workouts and see the results that you deserve!

Let one of our Certified Nutrition Experts build a Custom Nutritional plan for YOU based on the foods that you like and what is best for your body.

Our registered dietician can help you build a customized nutritional plan for YOU based on foods that you like and what’s best for your body. Learn how to read labels and make the right choices in your diet. We will determine your recommended daily caloric intake and work along with your exercise program to make sure you aren’t getting too much or too little of anything.

Nutritional counseling @ BYBF will help you create and maintain a lifestyle that involves eating foods that you like even if you are on a tight budget.



If you are really serious about meeting your Fitness Goals, 
this may be the missing link that you need!

1 hour session $35

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Additional sessions* $25

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* Only available after initial consultation



We are also proud to carry Isagenix nutritional products!