Certified Nutritional Counselor & Indoor Cycling instructor - AFPA

I always knew that I wanted to help people"…

I just thought it would be more in the traditional medical field. I completed 3 ½ long years at Eastern Michigan University receiving my Bachelors degree in psychology with a double minor in child psychology and sociology.  In my last year, I started to realize that this was not how I had intended on helping others. I didn’t want to be a (shrink), I wanted to be an innovator.  I wanted to help people become healthier specifically through skin care. This is when the concept of Delicate Beauty Therapeutic Spa began. Since that time Delicate Beauty has become DBTS Skin Bar which not only provides all types of skin care services but also Nancy's own creation: the Skin Bar product line.

In her off-time from the spa, Nancy loves to turn up the music and “spin” away in her Power Cycle indoor cycling class.  She may be known in some circles as Nancy the owner of DBTS Skin Bar LLC but for anyone that has done her Spin Cycle class she is more known for her super-intense cardio workouts and her awesome music selections!


Nancy’s fitness philosophy:

“I love to enjoy life and not have to limit myself to eating celery sticks & rice cakes……..so, in order to balance that out I work twice as hard when its time to burn the calories! In my class, you can burn anywhere between 500-1000 calories while feeling like you are at the dance club. Let’s DO IT!”