Brian began his personal training career working at various gyms including Bally's, Fitness U.S.A. and Powerhouse. He moved his career to the Eastern Michigan University Rec/IM where he quickly was promoted to head personal trainer. He also taught various classes as a group fitness instructor including Fit-ball, BOSU Core and other fitness and conditioning activity courses.

In 2006 Brian's dream of offering" Personalized Fitness that was focused on helping people meet their goals" became a reality.  The first BYBF training studio opened its doors to the public in '06 and for the next 3+ years Brian trained people of all ages, fitness levels, goals and backgrounds. He is experienced in training people from the ages of 10 years old to 82 years old.

Over the years he has trained every type of client from the totally sedentary to current professional athletes. Brian has designed programs for extreme weight loss, toning & sculpting, body-building & muscle gain, flexibility improvement and even post-physical therapy.

Brian’s Training Philosophy

"I'm a bottom-line guy. If you get the work done, I don't care if you whine and complain. I am constantly reminding people to throw their pride out of the window when they come in to train. We work ugly in here, so that they can look good outside of here. I am a very patient person by nature, but as a trainer I am very demanding. The only thing that I absolutely don't have tolerance for is quitting. As a client of mine, if you give me full effort then I will give you the same."