Informed consent liability

All BYBF group fitness, personal training & nutritional counseling participants accept full responsibility for their health and well being in these voluntary exercise programs. Participants will follow all posted rules (see below) of the facility and instruction on the proper use of equipment. All participants have consulted with a physician about any limitation(s) before engaging in this program. Any prior injuries or medical conditions have been communicated to BYBF administrators before beginning any exercise or activity. No responsibility of injury is assumed by the trainer or B Young B Fit LLC. I release BYBF from any claim arising out of my use of the equipment or out of any injury incurred while on the Premises and will hold them harmless for any injury I might cause to another.

Payment details

There are NO REFUNDS on any services - without exception!

I understand that all personal training contracts and group fitness memberships are binding contracts with BYBF and although we will do our best to accommodate specific trainer requests there is no guarantee to the exact service provider. I also understand that there are absolutely no refunds. Lastly, I understand that all services have a 1 year expiration from the date of this contract and at that time the undersigned may no longer be able to receive the services stated above. Any remaining balance that is unpaid at this point must be paid within 30 days of expiration plus any/all attorney fees associated with collecting the balance. There is no cancellation of personal training contracts for any reason.

BYBF Memberships are set up on a monthly renewal basis. Participants credit card will be safely stored on file and charged 1x per month for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. If at any point the credit card on file is declined (due to expiration date or NSF etc.) the participant will be notified and payment will be expected to be rectified within 48 hours. Participants can cancel BYBF Memberships at any time by notifying BYBF administrators via email at or by phone at (734) 975-0984. Cancellation must be made by either of these methods at least 24 hours in advance of the next billing cycle. Non-participation is not an acceptable form of cancellation of BYBF Membership. You will still be billed until you notify us that you are officially cancelling! There will be no refunds for past billed months if notification was not made to cancel.

Cancellation policy

Photo/video disclaimer

I understand that to secure a trainer for a specific time slot I must make a payment for those scheduled sessions at least 24 hours in advance of that scheduled appointment. I also understand that no appointment shall be made without prior payment. In addition, if I fail to give at least 12 hours of notice prior to any cancellation I will be charged the full amount for a regular training session. Similarly if I am more than 15 minutes late, the sessions will be cancelled and I will be charged the full amount for the session.


I understand that as a member of BYBF that the studio staff may take pictures and/or videos from time to time for the purpose(s) of marketing, promotion and/or to assist in correcting form or showing progressions. Although the majority of the pictures are focused on the BYBF trainers and the services that we provide it is your choice to participate or not. If you do not want to be in any pictures or video you must notify a BYBF staff member at the beginning of your class/session so we can plan accordingly. Participation implies that you also agree that we can use these forms of media in any marketing or promotional activities that we see fit. "We want you to look're a reflection of what we do and how good we are"