Cailan has an Associate’s degree in Occupational Studies of Personal Training and Certified Instructor training. 

My philosophy on exercise is “Movement is Medicine.” I believe that the best medicine and stress reliever for the mind and body is through exercise. Exercise is the one thing that we can do where we can focus on “Self.” Even in a group or exercise class, your focus is on executing the exercise, proper form, and pushing yourself. I am a motivational trainer that will not let you give up on yourself and show how a strong mind creates a strong body through exercise, positive thinking, and believing in yourself. I specialize in battle ropes, kettle bell, weight training, and full body exercises. I am also experienced in athletic training, life coaching, martial arts practitioner and strength and conditioning of all varieties and levels. I also have a functional movement segment of my training called “Train to Move,” which is for rehab or elder clients. I love helping others reach their goals and beyond and I look forward to it.

Cailan currently teaches Kettle Rope X and Power Hour classes as well as working with personal training clients of all fitness levels!

“Progress is a process”